This week’s featured business spotlight is Keyboard Connections—a unique piano lesson studio here in Lubbock. I had the great pleasure of sitting down and visiting with the owner, and my friend, Linda Chapman, to learn more about her business and how it all works. (Our interview will be posted below). She was kind enough to let my little 18-month-old sidekick tag along to the interview, but no worries; I didn’t include his interruptions contributions to the interview. 😉

First of all, if you, your children, or anyone you know is interested in learning how to play the piano, she is the woman to call! She has a talent and passion that is unmatched in my book. Linda has crafted her incredible talent into the art of teaching others, and you can tell simply by walking into her studio.

The piano lab she has built is laid out professionally, and is unique, in that each of the digital pianos is connected to her through headphones. The headphones allow her to be able to hear the students individually, or as a group, and also allow the students to only hear themselves when participating in a group class. She is able to talk to and guide the students both individually and as a group with the use of the headphone system, which certainly provides a unique experience to all of her students.

In addition to the unique, professional atmosphere of her studio, Linda likes to add a creative flair to her classes. She hosts fun, themed recitals, and also decorates for holidays. She goes far beyond the basics of merely teaching piano; she truly makes it a fun experience for all ages! I encourage you to experience Keyboard Connections for yourself—you’ll be amazed at all she has to offer! I’ve already pre-reserved a “Mommy & Me” class when my little guy turns 4 in a couple years. 🙂

I have posted the transcript of our interview below—it’s a mix of fun and personal questions to help everyone get to know the face behind the Keyboard Connections logo.  Enjoy!

Linda Chapman Interview

Tell us a little about yourself:

My name is Linda Chapman, I am the owner of keyboard connections. I started my business about 6 years ago. I was previously a music teacher for Lubbock-cooper. I started a piano lab at Lubbock-Cooper North. When I retired, I knew I wanted to do this for other children, so that’s why I started this business. I enjoyed it so much. It’s such a unique opportunity for kids to learn how to play the piano because it’s in a group setting. They really enjoy each other and become friends and look forward to lessons every week.

Would you like to add any personal info?

I am married to Bruce Chapman. He is a deputy sheriff for Lubbock County. I have two children- my daughter Stephanie, her children to go to New Home schools, and my son, Ryan, he’s got three children and they go to Shallowater schools.

How long have you been playing the piano?

I started when I was in second grade and never stopped. I graduated with an organ performance degree. My plan all along was to be a private piano teacher.

What inspired you to start this business?

I had seen junior highs and high schools that had piano labs, and I always thought it was a neat idea, so I went to my principal and I thought she might say we couldn’t afford it, but thankfully, she was a huge supporter of the arts, and she said yes, let’s do it. I started teaching 1st-5th grade piano lessons once a week. I would have a room of 24 kids, and I knew that I wanted to keep on doing this, so that’s what I did!

What is your favorite part about coming to work every day?

The kids. I enjoy the kids. We have fun! I make piano lessons fun. This coming spring, we will be having our spring recital, and this one is a movie theme. I’ll decorate the whole room, and they can dress up like their favorite character. I’ll have a red carpet to walk down, and it’ll all be decorated. I make snacks for Halloween, and we do a Christmas recital. This past Christmas, we did a Charlie Brown Christmas; I decorated the whole place. It’s a lot of fun, and they learn. It’s just a neat place to be!

What is your favorite restaurant in Lubbock?

I have several! I love The Plaza—it’s my main one. Orlando’s, of course, and Longhorn Steakhouse

If you had a free weekend, and $2000 to spend, where would you go?

I would be going to Las Vegas, staying at the Mandalay Bay in the summertime. I’d be floating on the lazy river, and going to the coke store, and seeing Cirque du Soleil.

What’s your favorite college sports team?

Texas tech!!! Football, basketball, baseball, it doesn’t matter! Everything!