This week’s featured business is Heartland Custom Homes–you can find their ad in the Home Builder category of the website.

I interviewed the owner, Zeb Austin, and got to learn a little more about him and his business. You can find pictures of his work on his Facebook page by clicking the ad at the bottom of the interview.

Check out the interview below to learn about the face behind the logo!

–Tell us a little about yourself:

My wife (Sasha) and I moved to Lubbock 6 years ago. I graduated from Oklahoma State (Go Pokes!) with an Aviation Management degree and got a job here at the airport. During the last 6 years, we started a family and have 2 boys and a little girl (Grady 4, Bryce 2, and Whitleigh 3 months). We really love the community here and are proud to call Lubbock home.

–How long have you been a home builder?

I have been home building for almost 2 years now.

–What’s your favorite part about building homes?

My favorite part of home-building is getting to see a piece of land turned into someone’s home in a few short months and knowing that I have built something that will be part of the community for years to come.

–Do you have any hidden talents (or favorite hobbies)?

I have a couple of hobbies that I enjoy. The first being home brewing. I got into this about 5 years ago and really enjoy the process of brewing my own beer. The other hobby I have, and I don’t get to do near as much after having 3 kids, is flying. I received my pilot’s license while attending college.

–What’s your favorite restaurant in Lubbock?

I don’t know if I have a favorite, so I will give you few that come to mind: Crafthouse Gastropub, Evie Mae’s, and Las Brisas.

–If you had a free weekend and $2,000 to spend, what would you do?

I would buy a new smoker and have friends over for a bbq.

–What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received?

I have two pieces of advice. The first is from my wife and it goes back to the saying of “you have to spend money to make money.” On my first build, there were a number of things that my wife was telling me I should be doing and I kept looking at the budget and knew the money was there, but I didn’t want to spend the money on things like marketing.

The other piece of advice I received is from my friend Keith Toogood (Toogood Built Homes, check ‘em out!). I took him to lunch one day to discuss some issues I was having on getting a home sold. After explaining everything to him he said, “Zeb, you have paralysis by analysis.” Basically, he said that I was over thinking the situation and I only needed to make a decision.